Kelsey Andries

Muay Thai World Champion

Kelsey "The Kraken" Andries (born May 6, 1983) is a Canadian Muay Thai Fighter. She was the 2014 IFMA World Champion and is the current 2016 IFMA Bronze Medalist at 67kg.  She holds multiple tournament championship belts (CMTC-A 2013/14 TBA Muay Thai Classic Champion, 2014 WKA Champion). Her fight record is 15-2 with 3 KO’s. 

Kelsey trains under Kru Artur Nowaki of Nak Muay gym in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Along with training and competing in Muay Thai, she owns ATTK Fitness and is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Muay Thai trainer and instructor. She holds a Bachelors of Kinesology (Honors) from the University of Calgary. 

Before finding Muay Thai, Kelsey competed in freestyle wrestling and field hockey. She was a member of the 2002 University of Calgary Dino’s Field Hockey team and then made the switch to wrestling in 2003. She then competed for the University of Calgary Women’s Wrestling team from 2003 until she graduated in 2006. 

Kelsey started training Muay Thai in the summer of 2011 as a way to stay fit and manage stress. She quickly fell in love with the technical and brutal nature of the sport. After training for 2 years she decided to enter the ring for the first time. She won by unanimous decision and after the initial shock of her first fight wore off, she was hooked. She has gone on to amass 15 wins, with 2 losses. In 2014 she won the gold medal match at 67kg at the IFMA World Championships.

She is making the transition to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in 2017 and looks forward to her debut in 2017. She is driven to continually train and improve her skills so she can become the best fighter she can be. 


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