Kelsey Andries

Muay Thai World Champion

Locke Stock Creative is a production company run by Locke Vincent, videographer, animator, writer, photographer and musician. Locke loves working on awesome projects and making moving pictures as well as telling interesting stories. 


ATTK Fitness is a Calgary based personal training and coaching collective. They specialize in personalized coaching, training and program design and implementation. 


Fit Kitchen is a healthy meal store featuring fresh, delicious, and nutritionally responsible food. All prepared by real chefs using high quality ingredients.    Whether you are a high performance athlete, looking to lose weight, or just don’t have time to cook and Fit Kitchen has meals and meal plans that can help benefit your lifestyle. Fit Kitchen is affiliated with The Main Dish restaurant market in Bridgeland.



Peak Health & Performance is a  team of healthcare professionals that specialize in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.  They are a multidisciplinary clinic that provides innovative care for improved health and optimized wellbeing. They help keep Kelsey's body in top competition shape.


Mr. Mark Bizek is a founding member of the Industrial YYC Team and a Vice President Industrial at Coldwell Banker Commercial West Real Estate. They are established commercial industrial real estate agents that assist clients with investments, acquisitions, tenant and landlord representation, design-builds and real estate analysis. 


And a big thanks to the following people for their generous sponsorships: The Ritchies, Mr. T. Walsh, Mr. Chris Kolozetti, The Paulsons. 

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