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Fight vs Olivia Curry

Fight vs. Olivia Curry - June 29th, 2014  TBA Tournament Title, Des Moines Iowa

What they don’t tell you about winning a world championship is that the peak, positivity and high you get from winning is often times followed by a dark, deep valley of the same magnitude, but in the opposite direction.  After winning Worlds, I was full on, whole heardly depressed. I have never experienced this in my life and it was terrifying. Nothing in my life brought me joy, not even training which I ALWAYS love. I thought for a while that maybe this means that I am done, that I have no fight left and that it is time to hang up the gloves

I decided I would try one more fight and see how it went. I registered for the TBA tournament again but they didn’t have anyone to fight me at 147lbs, but they were looking hard to find me an opponent. Olivia Curry, who was registered in the B division at 165lbs stepped up to the plate and we agreed that she would move up to A class and I would fight her at her preferred weight.

I was super thankful that Olivia took the fight.  She was a tough girl who stepped up to fight me and I am grateful for their experience as I learned a valuable lesson in this fight. For the first time, fighting felt like it was my job and I was going to work. I didn’t have a ton of crazy emotions. I hadn’t obsessed over my opponent like I used to. And I wasn’t thinking about winning, I was thinking about performing. I went in there to do my job and I did it . And even though it felt great to win, it didn’t float my soul like the last fights had. Fighting was becoming less about making me feel good from the high of winning, and more about me expressing myself through the martial art.

I have the video for this fight somewhere and I will post it once I find it. 

Fight vs Erica Mancosa

Fight vs. Erica Mancosa - June 30, 2013 TBA North American Classic Tournament Des Moines, Iowa


This fight was for the B class tournament final at the TBA North American Classic. I was so nervous before this fight that while I was sitting waiting to go into the ring, I was getting hit by crazy waves of nausea. I was combatting this my taking sips of water to hold back the vomit. Before I realized it, I had drank 2 bottles of water and had to pee so bad. But I didn't have time because it was time to fight. I remember standing in the corner looking across at Erica. She was smashing her gloves together, nodding her head and looking at me like she was going to kill me. I almost barfed.

The fight started and I teeped, faked the teep and landed a right cross. It got me close enough to get into the clinch and then I started kneeing. I dropped her once with a knee and got the count. Trev yelled to do it again so I did, dropped her again and then they called the fight. It was my first TKO and I was so jazzed.  I won the tournament title and a sweet shiny belt!

Fight vs Allene Chernick

Fight #1 vs Allene Chernick - June 9, 2102 Journey Fight Series,  Calgary, AB


OMG. My first fight. I don’t think I have been more nervous in my life. I remember weighing in for this event. I was supposed to be 165lbs (which was my walking weight at the time) so I wouldn’t’t have to cut for my first fight. I was so nervous leading up to it I weighed in at 156lbs!

The fight was for the CMTC-A B Class 165lb title. I am not sure it is normal to fight for a Canadian Title your first fight. Allene was a big tough girl from Saskatchewan. I only did two things in this fight that I can remember. 1) I teeped her so many times that all my toes were messed up, bruised and mangled for months after, and 2) I instituted the highly technical “hockey style” right crosses to her face….grabbing her head with my left hand and straight up hockey punching. Technical brilliance.

I also remember some guy in the crowd yelling “kick her in the head” and I was like...”do you have any idea how tired I am?”.I would not describe the experience as fun. The fight ended and my legs gave out. I mustered enough energy to stand for the decision and then I almost fell out of the ring. I got to the back room, sat there exhausted, and said to my coach “I don’t want to do that again”

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