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Muay Thai World Champion

Fight vs. Jennifer Osterlin


We flew from Bangkok to  Kuala Lumpur and had a layover there. The trip became a bit more real at that point because you started to see the other countries in the airport and waiting at the same gate as you. I saw a giant Swedish girl and instantly had a feeling that I would be fighting her in the tournament (turns out I was right).  We got in late that night and then searched around frantically to find a scale so that we could all check out weight as weigh ins started on the 1st. With no luck we ate light and went to be. 

The 1st of May was weigh in day and it was gong show. I had 5lbs to sweat and my teammate Janice  had 8 so we went slow and steady using hot baths, then putting on our sauna suits and wrapping ourselves up in our beds. This is a nice and easy way to cut but it is SO HOT so you have to be careful not to cook yourself. We got on weight and then headed to the venue because weigh ins started at 7. Due to horrible organization, understaffing and all around craziness, I didn't weigh in until 10:30pm. I almost lost my mind when one of the teams (who I will not name so we can keep world peace) tried to cut the line after Team Canada had been patiently waiting forever. I am not sure why at tournaments they don't spend more time organizing weigh ins and less time making sure the dancers for the opening ceremonies look good. Nobody is going to go postal if a dancer messes up but if you keep a fighter who is cutting waiting too long, things get ugly. 

May 2nd was a radical day. We took a taxi to a Thai temple on the island so we could get ourselves and our mongkon's blessed before we fought. It was an awesome thing to experience especially because Rhino explained everything to us and it was legit! We all had our hands on each other as the monk said a prayer for each of the fighters, Trev and even Nate and Harry! He blessed out mongkon's and wrote some spells on it with a sweet gold pen. We also each received a bracelet that is blessed and he put one on each of us. Janice and I bought some prayer beads for good luck and I picked out a beautiful amulet of Buddha that I will get a chain for in Bangkok. It was a great experience and I couldn't have had better company. 

Penasonic .JPG

Janice and I also had to go by a blender so we could make our Bulletproof coffees. We exploded her Magic Bullet in Thailand (as I didn't use a convertor) so we went searching for the deal of the day. We found an amazing Team Smandych coloured Penasonic (is that even a brand??) blender for a good price and we were back in business. Bulletproof Coffee was a large part of both our diets leading up to the tournament so we could not do without them!

The outdoor dojo

The outdoor dojo

Pool time for Nate and Harry while Janice heads to train!

Pool time for Nate and Harry while Janice heads to train!

We had a nice hot and light training session in the afternoon in our beautiful outdoor dojo,  some pool time and then headed to the venue for the opening ceremonies. At this point we were certain I was not fighting as I had 7 people in my division and there were brackets of 24 in other divisions. The ceremonies were disorganized and longer than planned....we patiently waited while all the other countries left (Canada is too polite to do that). My teammate Sean McKinnon was the flag bearer so that was pretty cool!

Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies

There was a dinner provided by the tournament for all the countries at a cool beach location so we all loaded up in buses and headed over there. As soon as we were on the bus I started thinking that there is no way that they can feed this many people....and when we arrived I proved to be right. NO FOOD and 100's of hungry athletes. The caterers were trying to stretch the food by putting out doughnuts ripped in 1/4  and thats when I lost it and said we should leave to find a restaurant...which turned into a food court...which was also full of hungry athletes.



Needless to say it was a very long, very uneventful dinner that left us all exhausted. We got back late that night.....around midnight. I had a sneaking suspicion that I might have to fight the next day so I held off water and snacks and headed to bed. Sure enough, I put my head down and there is a knock at the door at 1 am and its Trevor telling me I am fighting tomorrow. Fuck. Out of bed and into the bath I go to start my cut. 

I didn't sleep too well that night because I was up late cutting and then I had to wake up early to finish the cut and weigh in before 7-9am. The cut went great, I weighed in at 66.8kg and then headed to breakfast to refuel and then had an epic nap.

I was really nervous about fighting but I do a good job of keeping a good game face. Kru Rhino and Trevor know what to say to me to keep me calm, cool and collected so I listened to them and that helped a ton. Once I got rubbed down and warmed up I felt ready to go. Raven feather in my mongkon, a prayer with Rhino and it was time to go!

Once I stepped into the ring and the music began (from a live band I might add) I felt great and ready. I sealed the ring and thought of my coaches, training partners, teachers, family and friends...and of course my golden buddha and raven!


Fight started and this girl was BIG! Like my height big. We played the range game for the first round. I did a great job of making her miss and answering, but I had trouble getting her in a good position in the clinch because she kept putting herself in an awkward position. I felt good at the end of the round....which was nice because this is was the first time that I have ever fought 3 min rounds. Round 2 I wasn't answering back as much. I was out of range and didn't take any damage but she was defiantly the aggressor so I had to come out stronger in the third. I kept the pressure on and did a better job of scoring my point but it was a close 3rd round. She was tough and did not give up. I am happy I got the win and will learn from my mistakes moving forward. 

I am not too banged up.My shin is a little mangled but I brought my Traumeel, voodoo floss and ice so Ill be good to go by my next fight against Australia on May 6th!!! BDAY FIGHT. All I want for my bday is a WIN to get into the finals :) And maybe some cake at dinner that night.

Just chilling today and then heading to the venue to watch my team mates. Thanks for all of the support everyone.  Ill let you know how things go tomorrow!

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