Kelsey Andries

Muay Thai World Champion

Fight vs Katarina Coombs

Fight vs Katarina Coombs March 23rd, 2014, WKA North American Tournament, Richmond, Virginia

I had just been named to represent Canada at 67kg (147.7lbs) at 2014 IFMA World Championships in Langkawi, Malaysia before this tournament. I had never fought this weight before so I wanted to test it out before the World Championships so I registered, and weighed in for the WKA tournament at 147.  It was the fist time for me making this weight and I did it using a good combination of diet and hot baths. I ended up cutting way too much as a result of...what is the nice way to say this..."organizational difficulties" from the tournament. The line up for weigh ins took 4+ hours and we were waiting outside. I LOST MY MIND and was laying on the concrete in every piece of clothes I brought looking at the stars contemplating the meaning of life. When I stepped on the scale I was 145. A whole 2 pounds under what I needed to be.

After all of that, there was no one else registered in my weight class....and nobody in the two weight classes above me.  It was looking like I had cut weight and travelled all the way down there for no reason. Trevor told the tournament organizers that I would fight the next two biggest girls that were there, (I believe at this point I said I would fight the janitor if I had to. ) After some negotiating they set up a bracket with Katrina Combs at 165lbs and Rhapsody Johnson at 165+. 

This tournament was a gong show. The bout numbers will jumping all over the place so you couldn't plan when you were actually fighting, they were super behind getting the fights going and it was general chaos. I was all wrapped up just chilling with my headphones on waiting to find out when I would get rubbed down and warmed up when the announcer announced my fight in ring #3. Trevor and I were both like "EFF" and ran to get ready.  I got geared up and Trevor hid me in a corner so I could warm up. I had no idea the announcer was yelling for me multiple times and threatening that I would forfeit if I didn't show up. Trevor made sure I was warm and ready and had me completely fooled. It wasn't until after the fight that I realized what he had done!

The fight was fun. She was much heavier than me so I kept to the outside as much as I could, and when she swarmed, I clinched up and did not let go. She didn’t seem to know what to do with me in the clinch so I just held on and kneed, kneed, kneed.  I landed my first teep to the face in this fight (which I love!) so I was jazzed about that. Our cab driver for the weekend, Wade, also stopped by to watch this fight. You can hear him in the video yelling "right hand Kelsey, right hand!". 

I did a few things well and a few things not so well and left this fight with a new appreciation for creating space to properly land knees.  I won the fight by unanimous decision and moved onto the tournament final. Despite a crazy weight cut and then a crazy first fight, I was confident that the worst was over.

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