Kelsey Andries

Muay Thai World Champion

Fight vs Allene Chernick

Fight #1 vs Allene Chernick - June 9, 2102 Journey Fight Series,  Calgary, AB


OMG. My first fight. I don’t think I have been more nervous in my life. I remember weighing in for this event. I was supposed to be 165lbs (which was my walking weight at the time) so I wouldn’t’t have to cut for my first fight. I was so nervous leading up to it I weighed in at 156lbs!

The fight was for the CMTC-A B Class 165lb title. I am not sure it is normal to fight for a Canadian Title your first fight. Allene was a big tough girl from Saskatchewan. I only did two things in this fight that I can remember. 1) I teeped her so many times that all my toes were messed up, bruised and mangled for months after, and 2) I instituted the highly technical “hockey style” right crosses to her face….grabbing her head with my left hand and straight up hockey punching. Technical brilliance.

I also remember some guy in the crowd yelling “kick her in the head” and I was like...”do you have any idea how tired I am?”.I would not describe the experience as fun. The fight ended and my legs gave out. I mustered enough energy to stand for the decision and then I almost fell out of the ring. I got to the back room, sat there exhausted, and said to my coach “I don’t want to do that again”

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